Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, “When a woman is able to walk freely in midnight, then India has achieved complete Independence.” Then are we still not independent? Let’s talk about this.

India has made such progress in various fields that it is able to stand high enough to compete with other countries. If it’s so, then, is it not possible for India to venture in practicing human rights? It has to be possible because, when a citizen is able to enjoy all the rights, we can say India has already become independent. But what is happening really? We celebrate the Independence Day every year, but still we are not independent; we have the claim to use all the rights in this country, but still some have not the privilege to use these rights.

India got independence at midnight of 14thof August, and it is indeed a midnight adventure. In every one’s life there will be one or the other adventures, but it is a personal adventure. The common adventure can be of doing something for the country. As John F Kennedy said, “Do not ask what the Country has done for you but rather ask what you can do for the Country.” There are so many ways we can do something for our Country. If we say that “All Indians are my brothers and sisters…”, then we have achieved something and we have done something good to our country and of course that’s an adventure!

Doing adventurous things is not an easy job; there must be some pain in it, and then only we can gain something. For the adventure of independence, all must try to work for it, or else we keep on celebrating the independence year after year and achieve nothing. By uniting ourselves we can do something for the Country and the Country can do something for us.


By Avin A SJ