An Ever Existing Rainbow

Ever existing rainbow,oh, what a wonder! Yes friends, it is true. Here is a bright rainbow at Desur in Belagavi district. It never disappears, but shines with different colours. It is our lovely home XTC, which has turned to 50 years with cherishable memories. XavierTraining College is a home, which is meant for forming young buddies. We have a common Juniorate and Novitiate with energetic and ever available staff members. XTC is forming young Jesuits to live an integrated life.

“What makes this house so special, that it always blooms and spreads its fragrance?” The answer could be, “It is a common formation house.” Different colours are put together to paint the world and increase its beauty. All of us are from different places, backgrounds, cultures and with different temperaments. Yet, what keeps us united almost as blood relatives is the common purpose which we all share. St Ignatius puts it across as, sanctification of one’s own soul and that of others. Our background and past history doesn’t bother us. What matters much is that we feel a sense of belongingness to mother Society. We are happy and fortunate to lead a Jesuit life with integration and with the richness of Ignatian spirituality. There are also moments when we feel like breaking away, or when we feel lonely. But our bond never fades away. It is God’s grace which is sufficient for all of us.

Life could be more meaningful when we live it by sharing it with each other. This is the important lesson I have realised after living in this colourful house, X.T.C. I enjoy and appreciate the uniqueness of each other, and feel strengthened when I am accompanied by my fellow Juniors. I cherish the colourful memories in this house, and remain ever grateful to God for this golden opportunity. Long live X.T.C!!!







Sch. Marian Ashok Sequeira SJ