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ಬಡತನ by Sch Prettesh SJ


Pencil Sketch :- By Royston Pinto SJ

St Ignatius, A Model For All The Religious Communities … By Sch Joyson Sujay Vas SJ

Who Am I ? ……. By Sch Larren Menezes SJ

The Parable of The Deer :- By Amith D’Souza SJ

Let Go : By Sch Anush D’Cunha SJ

University Of the JESUIT VOCATION :- By Sch Avin Anthony SJ

Abstract Painting by Sch Suman Balu SJ

SILENCE :- By Sch Deslon Vas SJ


An Interview with Fr. James Dhabie SJ by Sch Vinod AJ SJ

Rowing Into The Deep : Sch Chethan SJ

Build Bridges :- By Sch Pruthvi Rodrigues

The Saint Who Rowed From The Deep Into The Streets :- By Sch Praveen Martis SJ

A Message and A Prayer : – By Sch Ovin Rodrigues SJ

The Seasoning of the Grain

One day the grain asked the soil, “How will I be more useful in this world? And what is the unique thing that I have in me to contribute to others?” The soil replied to the grain, “Come and see.” The sower acted as the mediator between the grain and the soil and helped the …

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Compass In-formed

  The black bird, did bid me come With words that had kept me mum. But, indeed it had its warmth, To beckon my soul to reign-on. Two new years in the abode I spent, Never in my life, shall I repent. As, it designed a compass in-formed To incline the path to be reformed. …

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Navasadhana- words of love and gratitude

  Navasadhana, a home where dreams are built on the strong foundation of Ignatian spirit of Magis coupled with constant guidance by the two shepherd- the director and the regent. It is a home away from home; it is where new friendships form us, indelible experiences shape us and the love of our companions nurtures …

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What should I write? Was it my own desire and decision to say ‘YES’ to that priest about joining the seminary? Yes, it was my own. But what happened now? Who is the reason for this? The first unforgettable day in my life!!! When I was studying in the SSLC class, Fr Thomas D’Souza came …

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The Forgotten Gospel

It was early in the morning. My brother and I returned home. We were tired after finishing our heavy work in the night and we sat on an old sofa. “Mikael,” I said to my brother, “If we continue this work for some more time, we will surely become rich and all people will respect …

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My Life by Anush

I find my life with purpose and meaning More than you possibly know From my birth till my death I would catch every glimpse of What I do and where I go. I was born to pious parents Who taught me gently how to pray. Took every step with me Held me before I stumble …

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