“You cannot control what happens to you in your life, but you can always control how you respond to it. The way you choose to respond is a reflection of your attitude. By changing your attitude, you also change your perspective and change your life,” says Roy Bennett.

Every beginning has its purpose, but every purpose need not have a beginning. The write-up about the change of attitude which is a pre-requisite to the change of our life requires both a beginning and a purpose. The question arises: how should be our life? The world is sophisticated with IT companies, Malls, Industries, schools, colleges, Religious centres, various Business companies and other entertainment places. Hence the source of life is seen as money which provides for the above aspirations. Indeed it is a fact of the present reality. Life without money is worthless living. In every field money is valued high – higher than human values.

The direction of our human approach requires a tremendous change in our life. Criticism has played a major role in our society that can lead to the beginning of change. What kind of change are we looking for? Change from a structured heart and mind that can instil in us positivity. As a child requires its mother’s tender care, so too in our world. The cry of nature calls us for the conservation of life. Atrocities against women and children call for a heroic determination to eradicate the evil from our society. Fundamentalism and communalism wake us up from our slumber to wipe out the poison created by groups of people in the name of religion.

The speciality about the ultimate reality that it is God who while creating us human beings instilled curiosity in our hearts and minds. Its use or abuse is left to us. That is why we see the impact of growth and destruction in our society. Therefore the present calls for a balanced or moderated lifestyle. The purpose of this article is not to express criticism or regrets, but to invite ourselves to a change our attitude which can change our life for the better. Change of attitude requires two major commitments in our daily life.

  • Convictions to be convinced: Most of us lead our life without convictions and those of us who have some convictions are not convinced of them. Hence this situation calls for having strong convictions which are convincing to oneself and to others. This requires a consistent approach in our life. The completion of the conviction takes place when one finds meaning in one’s life.
  • Awareness of wonder: Life is so wonderful in the sight of the beholder. Most of the time we find fault in others and around us while there hides the big mountain of negativity underneath. Becoming aware is the beginning of the change in our attitude. It calls for a radical positivity and creativity in society, so that we can find solutions rather than problems.

Realization is the only way in which humanity has been existing for ages. Thus the same realization calls for a greater change in the present. We cannot control that which is beyond our control, but surely we can control and practice that which is within our control. The ignorance of our intelligence should be banished and replaced with a positive ambience before it becomes too late.










By Sch. Shanthraj SJ