Coming Home to My-Self

I wonder, sometimes, when I’m all alone

What kind of a ghostly presence stays within unknown

Catching air and beholding it area like

It only exists, nobody can hold it.


What a lovely place is it away from the world

Seems an escape- a daydream, or also a nightmare

But it isn’t a place to fear or repose

Only called to know my-self more and more.


What puzzles me there, is the person I meet

Can it be the “Real I”; if not who am I???

Well, the search may go on beyond this realm

So why bother today, when someday I’d know.


“So engrossed as usual”, the voice I hear behind me

My friend is there to tell the day’s story

Now, I say myself, it’s time to leave

But soon I’ll be back to be with my lone real friend.










By SCH Melwil Vas SJ

Belgaum Juniorate