“Oh! My love, I need you, I want you to be with me always, come back, my son,” cried Jose bitterly after reading a letter from his son Ivin. “What was it in the letter that made Jose to cry bitterly? Well, here is the letter; let us read it ourselves and find out why?

“Dear Daddy,

This is your loving son, Ivin, writing this letter to you. I write it to share the pain and suffering I’ve undergone since my Mother died. I am deeply aware of your love for me and I too loved you. You cared for me when I fell sick and you guided me along the right path. But, Daddy, was it all that I needed? If you had thought so then I am sorry you were wrong. I received everything from you but not freedom: freedom to be creative, freedom to think, freedom to make friendship, freedom to express my own difficulties. You were like a puppet master and I was like your puppet. When I was doing my primary studies, I was just like a living corpse, good for nothing. I had no ability to broaden the horizons of my thinking. All my classmates were talented in something or the other, but I was like a frog in the well. Where was my freedom?

When I grew young I wished to be like any other youth, but I was bound by your rigidity. You did not like me enjoying myself with my friends. I felt like living in hell. By God’s grace I scored good marks in my exams, but when I was in search of a job, no one was ready to give me a job because I had no qualities that an employee is supposed to have. I felt that I was rejected and ignored by all, but it was then I met Darshan, my best friend and the only friend in my life, who gave me a job. Daddy, I know that you don’t like Darshan. I am aware that he is a worldly kind of person. He smokes, drinks and what not! But I want to tell you something, Darshan is also a man who understands others well. He is kind, gentle and generous. I am not ready to lose him in my life.

Daddy, don’t search for me. Now I am free: free to think, act, be creative and mingle with all. I love my life. I want to achieve all that I dream of. Be assured that I am happy. Now I am married too and living a happy life with greater freedom. Now, when I feel low there is someone to lift me up; when I am successful there is someone to appreciate me.

Daddy, I do want to see you. I do want to be with you always. I do want to fulfil all your desires. I want to come back home. But only if you are ready to give me freedom. Dad, I remember you always. It is eight years since I left you without saying a word. Dad, I love you and I am proud of you. I believe that you love me even now and you love me more than I love you…


Your loving Son


   Dear friends, freedom is not purchased. It is within us and each one of us has the right to live in it.










By Sch Royster Monis SJ