FRONTIERS – THERE YOU BELONG!! by Vishwas Misquith, SJ

GoNight-620x305Pope Francis has reminded us Jesuits about our option for frontier ministries. “Your proper place is on the frontiers. This is the place of Jesuits”. This call to go to the frontier demands us to leave behind our comfort zones, to go to the places where no one wants to go. This is also a call to be different and to take the less trodden path which is often dangerous. And to face the challenges that would come on the as you break the barriers and meet the people longing for help on the frontiers, where no one is ready to go or fears to go.

Pope Benedict XVI in his address to GC35, places a special trust on the Jesuits, saying, “The church needs you, counts on you and continues to turn to you with confidence, particularly to reach the geographical and spiritual places where others do not reach or find it difficult to reach.” These words place special trust on us Jesuits to go to the frontiers to make Christ known to all. These words also motivate us to march out of our well settled, comfortable communities to those who are awaiting for a helping hand.

Today, because of the technological growth and better transportation facilities, geographical frontiers are decreasing. As this world changes so also the context of our mission. New frontiers are emerging, placing before us new challenges. How are we willing to face this challenge posed by GC35. Today we have frontiers in the area of inter-religious dialogue; where there is violence in the name of religion, especially ISIS, fight for environmental justice, are throwing before us new challenges.

We are called to join our voices with Jerome Nadal, as he says, ‘the world is our home’. The geographical boundary cannot confine us from moving out to the places where people are in need. We have joined a Society which is universal with a universal mission. So confining ourselves to our own little communities or provinces deviates us from the vision of the Society.

Fr Kolvenbach has reminded us, that ‘a stable monastery does not serve us, because we have received the entire world to tell about the good news.’ So we cannot lock up ourselves inside the closed doors. The whole world with all the people and the entire creation is our concern. We are called to be the bearers of Christ’s love and peace to all those still away from him.