Installation Wizard in our Hearts

We know that people today can install software in the computer through which the computer can give us better results. But can we install software in our hearts? Is this possible? The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the heart and brain of the computer, without which the computer is nothing but a brain dead person. We human beings have a heart and a brain. The heart and the brain make the full person and show who he or she is. Everything depends on these two. There are many types of software available in the market. But, for the heart , where do we need to go? In this present world it might seem difficult for us to get the software needed to install in our hearts. There are two options. Either 1) we get the software from those who already have it , or 2) we download it. To download there is no need to go to the internet, but there is something to turn to, which is greater than the internet viz., the one who has put the idea of inventing the internet into persons. His internet is unlimited and free and to add to it, there is Wi-Fi. He keeps on giving, but we must not keep on forgetting. To download we must have a downloader in our system viz., our trust in him. There is no cut and paste option. To download the full version we need a proper understanding of him.

Our minds can be compared to the local disk drive D or E and our hearts are like the local disk C. We cannot change or dispense with them, because of the following reasons:


Ø     It deals with the intelligence

Ø     It is head level understanding

Ø     The brain thinks

Ø     The brain has no feelings



Ø     It deals with the insights

Ø     It is depth level understanding

Ø     The heart reflects

Ø     The heart has many feelings


Once the downloading is done, get ready to install the program using the following steps:-

1. Go to the Installation Wizard application in your brain.

2. Then fill up the form i.e.,your name, for what you are using it,-whether for your own self, for your friends, family members, etc. And then go to the next step.

3. For every software there are terms and conditions. Go through them and reflect over them carefully and click on “accept” if you wish to go further.

4. To install you need serial numbers. So give the numbers for how many people your heart will be useful by using this new software.

5. Before giving the “install” command, a note may appear whether this software may be a threat to others or to oneself. (It depends on what kind of software you are installing).

6. Then give the “install” command. Once this is done, you will see the note “This may take several minutes,” so try to work hard on it. For this, you need to wait patiently for better results.

7. Once it is installed, you are ready to use the software.


Caution! Once the software is installed there is only one way to uninstall it viz., to change your heart, because once the depth of the heart captures something, it is not easy to uninstall it till death.











By Sch Avin A SJ