My Life by Anush

I find my life with purpose and meaning

More than you possibly know

From my birth till my death

I would catch every glimpse of

What I do and where I go.

I was born to pious parents

Who taught me gently how to pray.

Took every step with me

Held me before I stumble

Taught me never to tremble and to be humble,

They formed me to be ever Thine.


I feel sad, I feel happy, I feel strong and I feel weak

But always content with joy of His.

As I gaze into the past

I see those who have left their footprints,

Are sailing with me on the boat of life

Giving me assurance that we shall never sink.


I want to die, surely not in an accident

Where I am just forgotten.

I will walk on those roads

Where no one dared to tread

And build my life to create wonderful moments.


This life is of course! Precious and special,

Every minute I long to see an angel!

And with pure determination and strength

Soar like a seagull.