Navasadhana- words of love and gratitude


Navasadhana, a home where dreams are built on the strong foundation of Ignatian spirit of Magis coupled with constant guidance by the two shepherd- the director and the regent.

It is a home away from home; it is where new friendships form us, indelible experiences shape us and the love of our companions nurtures us. It is the age of discovery, of exploring life through the guiding voice of the house: a unique combination of Pre-Novitiate and PUC.

I’m privileged to have loved and cherished beautiful moments in both old and new Navasadhana. It is a home that cared for me, nurtured my talents and never gave up on me in times of depression, doubts and worries. Navasadhana is, indeed, for me a treasure home of God’s Love where I found the guiding presence of the Jesuits, the strong friendship of the companions, the loving charisma of the neighbours and the deep educational values inculcated in the college.

Thanks Navasadhana for all that you had been to me; continue to nurture and guide more young men for the Society of Jesus.

Thanks to Fr. Brian Pereira (the director) and Frs. Arun Kumar and Melwyn Lobo (the regents) for their love and trust in me.










-Sch. Vinod AJ