“You look so beautiful in white”- This is a very famous romantic album song by the group WESTLIFE. Similar words are ringing in my mind because of a similar experience of mine in the recent past.

As always I was cycling towards my college with lots of anxieties, worries, fears, tension and stress.

Tension of submission of assignments, of punctuality to the class, of my responsibilities as the general secretary of the college and, above all, of my practical internal tests…

Amidst all these thoughts I saw an elderly woman in a white embroidered sari. She was in front of the temple, carrying her son. Mind you, he was perhaps 30 years old. I was shocked to see him. He was physically challenged.

There wasn’t a sign of a frown on the lady’s face. And here I am, worried about petty things of the world. She asked me with a smile-ಅಪ್ಪಿ, ಟಾಯ್ಮ್ ಎಷ್ಟಾಯ್ತು?

I said, 10:30…

She further told me proudly that he, Raghav, was her son…and that day was his birthday …. She asked me to pray for him. I smiled and assured my prayers and said that she looked very beautiful in white. After this little chat I rushed , but was late for class and was put out, but I was contented, for I had met God in that lady….

Every mother has a divine side….She takes care of her children till her death.

As children isn’t it our responsibility to take care of her when she is sick…?

Truly God’s representative on earth is our mother.





By Sch Cannon Fernandes SJ